Benefits of Algae in Aquariums

Most people believe that algae can only be harmful to their aquariums. This, however, is not true as there are quite several benefits that marine algae have to offer. For these benefits to be experienced, the levels of algae should be kept at controllable levels. If you are unaware of the advantages that algae have to offer, you can learn more about them here. Click here for more information.

Algae can be used as food for fish in the aquarium. Most fish, especially those of salty waters, subsist almost entirely on algae. If they are kept in the aquarium or any form of captivity, they may require supplementary algae based feeds. A coat of algae can also provide suitable grazing for the fish which mimics their feeding behavior while in the wild. A light growth of algae on your rock work can be a source of food, but it could be a reason for you to worry if it gets out of hand.

Algae can act as a refugium in your aquarium. Apart from providing food for the inhabitants of your aquarium, algae can also provide shelter for creatures such as copepods. Copepods are an excellent source of nutrition for saltwater fish that predate on small crustaceans. Algae growth will provide an ample environment that will encourage copepods to grow and reproduce in an aquarium. Some saltwater researchers promote the growth of copepods through the establishment of refugiums which are basically smaller tanks that drain into a larger tank. The refugium contains algae and coral rubble which provide food and shelter to copepods. When the refugium is being drained, some copepods will get washed into the main tank where fish can then feed on them.

Algae can add a beautiful touch to the aesthetics of your aquarium. Coralline algae for example, which belongs to the red algae class, grows slowly and has beautiful colors such as purple, pink and red which makes them more appealing aesthetically as compared to other microalgae. They can also provide a hard surface for the anchorage of corals.

According to most people, algae occurs as different kinds of scummy green colored organisms. This is however not true as sea weed is a type of algae that is referred to as macro algae. They also have several particular advantages in the aquarium. They are appealing aesthetically and require very little care as compared to other salt water organisms such as corals. They also absorb nutrients from the water which improves the quality of the water. To learn more about aquarium click the following link:

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