The Economic Importance of Algae

Eukaryotic Marine products also referred to as algae. They all take part in the process of photosynthesis. They range in sizes from unicellular microalgae to the giant kelp. The characteristics associated with them include lack of flowers, formal roots or even stems. Algae have various economic importance. The article below will provide you with info. about the economic importance of algae.

Algae are used as food. Human beings have used algae as food or many centuries now. There are several ways of taking algae it all depends on the preference of people. It can be prepared, or you can eat it as a vegetable. Some people use kinds of algae for purposes of adding flavor to their dishes while Is an extract from other algae that can be consumed as a drink. They have high nutritional values because they contain large quantities of carbohydrates proteins fats and vitamins.

The next importance is using algae in fish farming. Floating and attached algae as well as freshwater and marine algae provide the primary source of food for both fish and the aquatic animals. Large amounts of fish are found in places where the algae are in plenty. Algae are an essential form of food for the fishes. The floating plankton and zooplankton are a source of food for the fish that provide them with healthy vitamins. They absorb carbon dioxide from the water and enrich it with oxygen making it habitable for the fish through photosynthesis activity,

Algae can also be used to bind soil particles. Algae act as an essential binding on the surface of the soil. Soil that has been burnt or disturbed is covered with the growth of blue and green alga to prevent soil erosion from taking place. Farmers use the algae for the healthy formation of the soil. Click: for more information about algae.

They are used for medicinal purposes. Strengthening of the stomach and restoring your appetite after the sickness is made possible through the use of alaria. Agar agar has absorptive and lubricative components, and it is used medically to prevent constipation.

Algae used as a fertilizer. Common varieties of algae that are used to manufacture fertilizers include large red and brown. They are mainly used in areas that are located near the ocean. Concentrated seaweed extract is used to produce liquid fertilizer. This type of fertilizer is prevalent because it can repair the levels of nitrogen that are present in the soil. To learn more about algae click the following link:

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